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The following documentation describes the REST API that is part of the Sigimera Platform. It starts with an overview how to get access to the API and how to make first calls. It links also to example code that could be used as starting point and an in depth description about the single endpoints.

Use the 4 step quickstart guide to get your own app running in a few minutes.

1. Step

Create an Account

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In order to use the whole features of the Sigimera Platform you have to create an account. Don't worry it is completely free and you can always delete it.

2. Step

Get API Access

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Your newly created account allows you to participate on the Sigimera website, but in order to access the REST API you have to generate an authentication token, called auth_token. You can always delete or re-generate this token, for example if you have made this token public or given away.

3. Step

Make API Calls

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Now you are ready to make your first API calls. Consult for this the endpoint documentation on this website and try to make a few calls with your tool of choice, e.g. with your favorite web browser, curl, REST Console, you name it...

4. Step

Build your App

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You are now ready to build your own app. You can use the sigimera ruby library and the example test client to get a feeling about the API.

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