Frequently Asked Questions

What are the API limitations for the different accounts?


Get first page with latest 10 crises (JSON)
Get current 10 crises entries as RSS 2.0 Feed
Get all entries with 10 entries per page (JSON or RDF/XML) [2]

API v1 Policy

Requests per hour
Requests per day
Request interval in seconds

Premium Features

Access to historic crises information.
Advanced statistic information about crises and related resources.
More features for premium users coming soon...

Why has the Sigimera REST API a throtteling limit?

This limits are courtesy limits. That means they are in place in order to prevent buggy or badly written software from taking away resources that could be used by other users. It should remind you to write optimized software that respects best-practise and limited resources on the server-, but also on the client-side.

How do I can write applications that respect the courtesy limits?

One good starting point is to ask you if you need all API calls or if you can prevent a few of them by caching the received results. For example it is not necessary to query each second if there are new crises. Currently we receive new crises each 5 minutes.
Make use of existing mechanism to minimize calls, e.g. subscriptions and push notifications. We are working constantly to provide such services and minimize the effort for your application. Manual calls cost not only network traffic, but also CPU and memory. This is especially important if you develop a mobile app.

I have optimized my application, but I need higher limits...

Please contact our support under .

I want to write a client-side application. Do you provide a single-sign-on mechanism such as OAuth 2.0?

We are working on the implementation of the OAuth 2.0 specification in order to provide you the following functionality (not complete):
  • Client-side authentication flow
  • Registration of your application(s)
  • Management of your application(s)
  • Monitoring of your application(s)
Please contact us if this has high priority for you ().

Why do I need no auth_token if I am logged in on the Sigimera website crises.sigimera.org?

The REST API and the website share the session cookies. That keeps the server stateless, but allows the user to omit the auth_token during testing. Additional the session sharing is the base for the OAuth2 authentication workflow.

The question that I have was not answered here...

You can contact us directly under or somebody of our developer community in the Google Dev Group.